Are Fish Good Pets For A Beginner?

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Are Fish Good Pets For A Beginner?

Are Fish Good Pets For A Beginner?

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Many people would like to keep a pet but are put off by the fact that they work full time or have a busy family life. It is true that having a dog as a pet is very time consuming so are there other pets you might consider? Are fish good pets for a beginner?

Good Starter Pets

If your child is nagging you for a pet, a fish is a great starter pet. Caring for fish will teach your child to love, look after, and be responsible for a pet. They do require specialist knowledge so your child will need some guidance and supervision. It is important that your child doesn’t overfeed their fish, nor put too much food in the tank that won’t be eaten, so you will need to guide your child.

Easy Pets

Once their environment is set up, fish are easier to care for than other pets and they are cheaper too. They don’t mind being left alone all day and they don’t need a daily walk. An added bonus is that they are quiet and clean.

Good Looking Pets

Fish come in a variety of stunning colors and a fish aquarium is a lovely feature in a house. You will find that guests to your home, will be entranced. You will also never tire of watching them. Tanks have moved on from square boxes and round ones are a great feature.

Research Fish Keeping

If you have decided to take the plunge (yes I know, I couldn’t resist!) and buy some fish, you will need to do some research to decide what type of fish, and what equipment you will need.

There are 3 main types of aquarium you will want to consider:

    • Cold water tank. The most common fish are goldfish and this tank is filled with fresh water that does not require a heater.
    • Marine tank. This is a heated aquarium that uses seawater for the very colorful reef fish. This is definitely not recommended for the beginner.
    • Tropical freshwater tank. The most common and comprises fresh water heated to tropical water temperatures. These are filled with colorful fish and plants.

Different types of fish have different environmental requirements.

Tropical Fish

The majority of people keep tropical fish. These are fish that live in a heated aquarium as opposed to a goldfish in a bowl. Tropical fish are very well suited to a beginner.

Tropical fish can be freshwater or saltwater but saltwater are more tricky. It is better for beginners to keeping fish to keep freshwater tropical fish. Certainly, at the start.

Equipment For Tropical Fish

Tropical fish have strict environmental requirements. Before you buy any fish, you will need the following.


    • Fish tank/aquarium with hood.
    • Filter system.
    • Lights.
    • Heater and thermostat.
    • Fish food.
    • Plants.
    • Gravel or sand is not essential but is a preferred option as it enables plants to be added.

These can all be bought, or researched, at where you will find lots of information and reviews for equipment for a variety of pets. There are also guides to keeping different types of pet so this is a great site to start doing your research.


Don’t add too many fish together as the shock could kill them. When you are choosing your fish, ensure they will get on with each other. Also, check that they won’t get too big.

As you can see, keeping fish is a very rewarding hobby. Fish don’t require as much attention as other pets, and their tanks look great in your house. Start with a freshwater tank, buy the equipment and fish and you are on your way. By using colorful gravel and plants, you can make a lovely addition to your house.