Aspects of a Luxury Bathroom Renovation

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Aspects of a Luxury Bathroom Renovation

Aspects of a Luxury Bathroom Renovation

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A luxury bathroom renovation takes your plain-looking bathroom and makes it fit for a king. Additionally, a nice, well-done bathroom is wonderful to use. However, to keep the bathroom to this standard, you need to design it appropriately and make sure it is well maintained. Let us look at the various aspects of a luxury bathroom renovation.

Determine How Long You Plan to Stay in the Home

If you plan to relocate and sell the home a few years down the line, it is just natural that you make it appealing and more valuable. Go for fixtures and faucets that make the bathroom more appealing to the would-be buyer.

If you plan to stay in the home until you retire, then you need to take more liberty with personalizing the bathroom to your liking. Make sure the fixtures and installations suit your future projections regarding family and expansion of the home.

Your Budget

Before you start renovating your bathroom, you need to make sure you understand how much money you have for the task. A luxury bathroom renovation is not a cheap affair, but remember that the budget is dictated by what you need in terms of your preferences. For one homeowner, installing a glass surround shower is his idea of luxury, for another one, upgrading to a new bathtub is all the luxury he needs.

So, whatever you do, know that your needs differ, and so does the cost of the renovation.


The available space dictates how you renovate your bathroom. You need to imagine the kind of space that you would like to have and compare this with the available bathroom.

A luxury bathroom also depends so much on the design concept. The concept dictates whether you nail the design or you do not. If the bathroom does not support the design concept, then it is time to start thinking of an alternative, either to create more space or to come up with a different concept.

To create more space, you can decide to add an extension to the bathroom to make it bigger or to change the layout of the available space so that you rearrange the things in the bathroom.

The Fittings and Fixtures

Since this is a luxury bathroom, then you are looking at ways to get it looking as glam as possible. This is why you need to be particular when choosing the fittings and fixtures. The fittings you choose should be high-grade and able to display what you are looking to achieve – luxury.

Go for high-end materials such as marble and crystal, and opt for gold plated finishes when you choose the faucets from Faucet Assistant.

Colour Schemes

Colors and lighting all come into effect when you decide to upgrade your bathroom to luxury status. You need to make sure you choose a colour scheme that not only maintains some synergy with the rest of the house but also communicates your goals. Gold-themed colors and other colors show a sense of class and make it easy for you to get the look you desire.

You can infuse colour in the paint, the tiles and even the ceiling board. You also need to play around with light so that at the end of the day, the light can add some much-needed ambience to the layout.


This refers to whatever that is hidden far from view. These include the pipes, drainage, and more. You need to make sure you take care of the plumbing during the renovation so that everything works flawlessly.

There is no need for you to have a luxury bathroom that does not function the way it should. Take this chance to have all the concealed plumbing checked, repaired and upgraded as necessary.

If you are performing a complete upgrade to the bathroom, you can opt for new plumbing installations so that you make everything work normally. Take time to get the right plumber to do this work for you.

Electrical Fittings

This is also the time to upgrade the electrical wiring and fixtures. Proper lighting adds to the beauty of your bathroom, and is a vital addition to any bathroom just like natural light is to space.

In Closing

A luxury bathroom renovation takes what is plain and makes it luxe without the need to break the bank.