Hasta Gro Lawn Organic Fertilizer Review

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Hasta Gro Lawn Organic Fertilizer Review

Hasta Gro Lawn Organic Fertilizer Review

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For gardeners, a beautiful, even, well-kept and healthy lawn is one of our joys in life. It increases the curb appeal of our houses, our kids love it, sportspeople often demand it… in fact, there probably isn’t anyone who doesn’t enjoy a healthy lawn. Conditions for growing a healthy lawn, however, are not always favorable. What comes easily in one part of the world, might need a lot more care and attention in another place.

You could say there’s a benefit to that as you don’t have to dispose of many grass clippings if your lawn is in a poor condition. If your grass is in excellent shape than Lawn Mower Lane has some genius tips to dispose of them. Instead of drifting off to far grass needs healthy, nitrogen-rich soil, sunlight and plenty of other nutrients to thrive. On top of that, it faces competition from everything from weeds to legumes.

Those who know how to take care of the soil, usually avoid chemical fertilizers – as, with time, the salt damages the quality of the soil. It also discourages earthworms, which convert organic matter into nutritional form for the grass. Therefore, we turn to organic fertilizers, in the hope of avoiding such pitfalls. The difficulty here is finding a fertilizer that is nutrient-rich, easy to use and that has minimal drawbacks. After studying many of the lawn fertilizers on the market, I settled on Hasta Gro’s Lawn Organic Fertilizer as the best organic fertilizer for the lawn.

What’s It Like?

This Hasta Gro fertilizer is in liquid form and is combined with humic acid to maximize uptake of the fertilizer and to boost soil bacteria. The fertilizer itself is like an all-around lawn care kit, with a blend of natural lawn food and humate liquid humus. It is derived from urea, phosphoric acid, potassium nitrate, potassium hydroxide, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, sodium molybdate and leonardite ore.

It provides a well-rounded supply of nutrients to your soil, which can be broken down as follows: the total amount of nitrogen is 12%, soluble potash at 8%, with 4% phosphoric acid. There are significant trace elements of iron, humic acid and copper.

What’s So Good About It?

The liquid fertilizer allows nutrients to reach the soil faster and be absorbed more easily by leaves. It’s easy to get quick results to do this fast process of absorption. You can see much greener results in a short space of time.

The fertilizer doesn’t leave anything to waste, either – all of its nutrients can be taken up by your lawn. It doesn’t need to be used in concentrated amounts, either – a little will go a long way. For each gallon of Hasta Gro fertilizer, you can cover 16,000 square feet of lawn.

What Could Be Better About It?

Some users have mentioned that, as this particular fertilizer doesn’t happen to have OMRI certification, there are questions over how organic it is. As each person tends to have their own yardstick when it comes to these definitions, it’s up to you whether you accept substances such as urea and phosphoric acid as organic enough to help keep your lawn healthy and green.

What Makes It the Best?

As the old saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. This fertilizer is great for lawns.

Alternative Fertilizers

Espoma’s Fall Fertilizer

Optimized for making your lawn as healthy and vigorous as possible throughout the winter. Depending on where you live, however, you may find that this kind of fertilizer is suitable for use throughout the year. It is made from feather meal poultry manure, along with sulfate of potash. It comes in granular form and for every 30 pounds, you should be able to properly fertilize around 5,000 square feet of lawn.

This fertilizer is all organic and is marketed particularly at families with kids or pets. The granules can be loaded into a spreader for ease of use. They release nitrogen at a rate 2.5 times slower than conventional lawn programs.

Milorganite’s Organic

This fertilizer is popularly used on golf courses, thanks to its deep greening qualities. It is a nitrogen-based fertilizer, made up of mostly heat-dried microbes, along with non-staining iron, which adds to deep greening. It’s safe for use around kids and pets and can be used in any climate.

This fertilizer has already been approved by the EPA and has in fact been given the prestigious Exceptional Quality Award, showing that it upholds the highest standards for organic nitrogen fertilizers, in terms of environmental, health and safety concerns. If you are combining lawn care with plant growth, or for cultivating vegetables and flowers, you can use this fertilizer for all of these purposes.

So What’s the Final Word?

As we’ve seen, organic fertilizers come in different forms, have different compositions and can be produced to be applied in different ways. Not only that, but they have different levels of efficacy and ease of use. All organic fertilizers should be safe and free of the problems associated with chemical fertilizers, although there is, of course, still disagreement among gardeners as to what actually constitutes an organic product.

Having weighed up all of these factors, it became difficult to select just one overall winner, but I think the Hasta Gro Organic just takes it, thanks to the very fast greening results it produces, plus the fact that it’s straightforward to use and a small amount can feed a large area.