How Numbers Work Out in Instagram Marketing for Your Home Food Business

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How Numbers Work Out in Instagram Marketing for Your Home Food Business

How Numbers Work Out in Instagram Marketing for Your Home Food Business

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Has your home food business reached a plateau, and you are finding it hard to bring in new customers? Well, with Instagram, you have a way to rejuvenate your business and take it to a whole new level.

Various elements come into play when you want to make your mark in the business world, as well as the social media world.

The Number of Followers

As days go by, the need for more Instagram followers becomes more pronounced. You might be wondering why it is so. Well, if you desire to get more reach, and drive more traffic to your website, then you need to have the followers. Additionally, the revenue that you generate from your home-based food business depends on them.

While growing your following isn’t the sole purpose that takes you to Instagram, it is still important that you have more followers than your competitor. Additionally, the more followers you have, the wider the reach.

So, what is the magic number for the followers on Instagram? Well, this depends on what you would like to achieve in your marketing efforts. Generally, the number that allows you to get marketing efforts is 10,000 followers. Having such a number allows you to attract more to your page.

Instagram is a highly organic platform. This means that you can reach and interact with your audience without spending a dime. Therefore, the higher the number of followers you have, the more likely for them to see and engage with your content.

Like it or not, the more followers you have, the more credibility you have on the platform. This is how influencers work – they have a lot of followers that you can pay for to market to.

The Number of Likes

Having the right number of Instagram likes helps you enhance traffic to your landing page. With the right number of likes, you entice other users to check out your profile, and most likely get to your landing page to check out the products you offer.

Additionally, with a large number of likes, you stay ahead of the competition. With the fierce competition you have from other established companies out there; you need to make sure you have enough likes to stay ahead of the competition.

Additionally, you can improve the brand image of your business and services when you have more likes. The high number of likes also tells the Instagram algorithm that the content you have posted is worth reading. The algorithm takes your content and places it at the top of the newsfeed to make sure it reaches many people.

When you have high-quality likes on Instagram, you boost the chances of getting more leads and conversions. This also leads to an increase in sales.

If whenever you share content, you get more likes, you make your posts popular, as well as your website. With an increase in popularity, you expect more people to order for your cakes, which in turn improve your ranking on search engines.

How Do You Get More Likes and Followers?

The best way to get more likes and followers is to buy them. You can check out Organic Instagram Growth – Managed Social to see how the tools work, and what each comes with in terms of features. Choose a package that gives you the right numbers in a short time without triggering the algorithm.

Final Words

Numbers play a huge role in your Instagram marketing success. The numbers relate to followers and likes, so make sure you pick the right tool to give you these numbers the right way so that you stay relevant.