Keeping Your Sight: Understanding the Need for Safety Eyeglasses

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Keeping Your Sight: Understanding the Need for Safety Eyeglasses

Keeping Your Sight: Understanding the Need for Safety Eyeglasses

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You need to wear safety eyeglasses whenever you are in a situation that risks injury to the eyes. While it is a requirement for many workplaces, the use of proper eyeglasses goes beyond obligation. Knowing when to wear eyeglasses is one of the ways to make sure you retain your eyesight. Common hazards to your eyes are common in the workplace, during recreation and in the home.

Eye Injuries Can Occur Anywhere, Anytime

Statistics show that almost half of the injuries that affect the eyes occur in the home. 40 percent occur during sports while the remaining percentage occurs in the workplace. There are regulations that have been set and ought to be followed in the workplace. However, the same cannot be said of the home or recreation areas.

Common hazards to the eyes include blunt, sharp objects that get in contact with the eyes. Another huge portion of eye injuries occurs when fumes, chemicals, and other foreign particles get into the eyes and cause injuries such as burns. Other hazards include radiation, adhesives, equipment, and tools.

You Need to Know when to wear These Eyeglasses

Knowing the right time to wear safety eyeglasses is essential. The risk you expose your eyes to is directly related to the severity of outcome and the probable exposure. Remember that you only have one set of eyes, and you need to protect them against loss.  Therefore, you need to wear Steve & Leif safety glasses when you work in or near conditions that can cause eye injuries. However, you need to know that there are multiple risks of injury to your eyes, and you can get injured even when you are not directly involved in the task. Staying aware of your surroundings is a very important part when deciding to wear safety eyeglasses.

Understanding Workplace Hazards

According to statistics gleaned from popular studies, most of the workers that sustain eye injuries are usually not wearing safety glasses at the time of the injury. The question is why were they not wearing the eyeglasses? Most of the victims didn’t think they needed the eyeglasses for any particular reason.

It is therefore prudent that you know when to wear safety eyeglasses in the workplace. Don’t ignore this fact, and don’t let ignorance lead you down the path of loss of sight.

Hazardous Occupations

A majority of eye injuries occur within the construction, manufacturing, health, trade and educational industries. Most of these injuries necessitated at least a day off from work. You need to be keen and identify the areas that need safety wear in these areas. For instance, you will realize that most eye injuries in manufacturing plants occur around equipment that produces debris such as grinders and sanders,

Eye Safety at Home

Most of the injuries in the home occur to DIY-ers who undertake renovation projects without the proper eyeglasses. To understand how serious it is, you need to understand that most of the injuries that lead to loss of vision occur in the home environment.

The injuries usually happen during renovations, lawn mowing, yard work, and even gardening. Improper use of power tools also poses a major risk to the homeowner. Make sure you put on the safety gear while also making sure anyone who is around the work area also puts on the eyeglasses.

The Bottom-line

You shouldn’t ignore the usefulness of safety eyeglasses in all areas, whether in the workplace or at home. Make sure you choose the right kind of eyeglasses that will not only protect your eyes from injury but will also give you the comfort you desire to wear them for long. The glasses should be a perfect fit and durable enough to resist scratches and regular handling.