The Bread Making Process: What You Ought to Know

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The Bread Making Process: What You Ought to Know

The Bread Making Process: What You Ought to Know

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The smell of fresh bread always conjures up warm memories of your mother’s kitchen on a typical morning. You need to carry on the tradition of bread-making to your home as well so that a few years down the line your kids can enjoy such memories too. Give your family a reason to wake up in the morning smiling by serving them freshly-baked bread right from your bread machine.

With the perfect bread machine, you eliminate the issue of making bad bread day after day. Once you have mastered the art of measuring out the ingredients and mixing them the right way, you leave everything else to the machine. The more you get used to the settings and features on your machine, the easier the whole process gets.

Not only this, but you will get amazed by the number of things that you can make using your machine. In addition to bread, you also prepare dough for cakes, pizza, and jams. Let us look at some tips to make this experience more gratifying.

The Machine Contributes a Large Part to the Results

Before you decide on which bread machine to buy, you need to know that the machines are different in various aspects. For one, the features are different. You need a machine that has functions that suit the needs of your family. You don’t want a machine that makes 3 pounds of bread when all you need is a machine that makes a pound of bread.

A look at expert reviews of the best bread machines will tell you a lot about each brand and model. All you have to do is choose what suits your family, and you are on the road to great mornings.

The Settings

Having just any machine isn’t enough; you need it to have the right set of features. One of the major features that you need to consider is the presence of the timer. Surprised? Well, this nifty little setting allows you to add the available ingredients to the pan, select the bread type and set the time when you want the bread to be ready. You don’t have to sit there and monitor how the baking process is going on because the timer will switch the process off when the bread is ready. Imagine setting the timer at night and waking up in the morning to the smell of freshly-baked bread!

Ingredients Are Your Foundation

Once you have the right bread machine set up and working perfectly, you need to know what to do with whatever ingredients you have at your disposal. The main ingredients include flour and yeast, the reason why it is vital that you understand the characteristics of different types of flour on the market. Bread flour characteristically has a protein level of 10 percent or more. This protein or gluten content is what makes the flour to rise when it comes in contact with the yeast during baking.

Since the ancient times, chefs have depended on the properties of yeast or another raising agent to create the leavened loaf of bread that you love.

The best way to make use of these ingredients is to have a recipe at hand. You can get a few online or grab one from your friend or colleague at work. Whatever you do, leave some space for experimenting and being creative.

Bon Appetit!

It takes a few requirements to enjoy a freshly-baked loaf of bread in your home. With the right bread machine, all you need is a recipe and the right ingredients to serve your family fresh loaves of bread each day. Make sure you make the right choice when it comes to the bread machine and follow the recipe to the latter for amazing results.