The Effectiveness of Cancer Treatments & Alternative Methods

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The Effectiveness of Cancer Treatments & Alternative Methods

The Effectiveness of Cancer Treatments & Alternative Methods

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We all deal with cancer in our lives, whether it be us, one of our family members, friends, colleagues or acquaintances, there is simply no way around it that you won’t know or lose someone to this terrible and hard to heal disease.

For that reason, a post about the effectiveness of treatment and alternative methods that obviously won’t heal you but that could provide a little bit of extra support in terms of relieving pain seemed appropriate so here we go.

Let’s look at the type of treatments first

Each person is different, each cancer is different, each phase is different,  and thus each treatment has to be different to accomplish the highest survival rate. Many people find out too late and one treatment doesn’t offer much solace, so a combination treatment will be suggested by the doctors and that will affect you no matter how strong you are.

In these cases people look at alternative medication to relief them for their pain or to feel a little different, depending on the doctor you have you will get prescription painkillers but those often come with their own side-effects, take Tramadol for example, which causes constipation in many people. You don’t want that while already feeling nauseous, dizzy, and what not so some patients refuse to take it.

Something like CBD oil can’t replace chemo as a  cancer treatment of course but it can be a good substitute for painkillers, and it will also change your mood to a more positive outlook while dealing with the other negative side-effects as well, making your life just a little more bearable when you need it most.


Before the actual radiation therapy, they will apply chemotherapy to shrink the tumor that nests in your body. At the very least it will stop or slow down the growth of cancer, often this is not enough to cure it but it’s the first step in the right direction.


If you thought radiation therapy and chemotherapy are the same things you are mistaken, it does come very close to each other and is often used as a combination method to increase the effectiveness. During this therapy, your body is exposed to high doses of radiation to kill cancer cells.


I guess there is no need to explain what surgery is, literally cutting away the remaining tumor from your body in case you did wonder what type of surgery we’re talking about, this often happens after a combination of radiation therapy and chemotherapy as there is less risk that it will spread further and with a little luck it has shrunk so that would make it easier of course.

Other ways to deal with it

As we discussed the three most important treatments time has evolved and now there are also more technologically advanced methods like immunotherapy, targeted therapy, hormone therapy, and stem cell transplants. Most of this wasn’t possible say ten years ago but progress never stops of course. Still, the number one killer is the fact that most people find out that they have cancer much too late and in that phase, the most doctors can accomplish is extending your life instead of curing you.