The Instagram Housewife: Don’t be Left Behind

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The Instagram Housewife: Don’t be Left Behind

The Instagram Housewife: Don’t be Left Behind

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Instagram has slowly and steadily sneaked into almost all aspects of our lives. And as we speak, moms are making headway into the social platform. Some moms command hundreds of thousands of followers, making them the perfect influences for brands out there. Some have taken the role to another level and now make an income using their Instagram accounts.

But how do they make it? How do they reach the point where they command such a large following without getting out of the house?

Know What to Post, and When to Post It

You need to understand what people are interested in when it comes to the home environment. This means deciding on what kind of content to post. The good thing is that you have a lot to choose from ranging from your kids’ experiences to recipes. Whatever you choose, make sure you come up with content that is enticing and engaging.

The content you share should be unique and timely. Trends make people sit up and notice, but you shouldn’t hesitate to go back to the past to share some nifty tips from your heydays.

Analyze the Response

After every post, you need to analyze the reaction from the audience so that you understand what moves them and what doesn’t. Once you understand what makes your audience take notice, you can now go ahead and modify your posts to focus on a specific topic.

Deliver Quality Content

Being a housewife doesn’t mean that you don’t need to deliver high-quality content – you need to. Your pictures need to be high quality and communicate something. Take time to take images from different angles so that you can offer a story from different perspectives.

Quality doesn’t stop with the images alone- the videos you come up with also need to be eye-catching. For this purpose, you don’t need an expensive camera for the task – just your smartphone camera can do.

Make Use of Stories

If you have ever wished to come up with a story, then this is the perfect time to do so. Your home activities make for the perfect stories. You can wake up each day and identify a topic to document for the next 24 hours. For instance, you can wake up and start documenting your cooking process.

Stories are ideal because they document a process from start to finish. However, you need to make sure the story lasts for 24 hours because this is all Instagram offers in terms of time. Plan the story well, and take time to make it count.

Have Followers

The more followers you have the more relevant you are to your audience. You can get more followers by using the right automation program from a reputable provider such as Income Artist.

In Closing

Being a housewife doesn’t prevent you from making money from Instagram. However, you have to put in a little effort to get what you want. Make sure you have the right content and you post it in a timely fashion. Take time to understand your audience as well.