Tips to Give Your Lady Perfume as a Gift

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Tips to Give Your Lady Perfume as a Gift

Tips to Give Your Lady Perfume as a Gift

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Perfumes make one of the top gifts for women because the memories last long and they have to wear the scent wherever they go. Women love to wear a perfume that boosts their confidence and enhances their feminine charm.

Many of the scents are regarded as aphrodisiacs, and supposedly have magical powers that engulf and bewitch your special somebody so that her special feelings can increase. Therefore, gifting your crush or your lady can be seen as a direct message saying “I love you” to her. You can go an extra mile this time round by following a few tips that will make this gift not only beautiful but memorable.

Don’t be In a Rush

When purchasing that perfume as a gift for your loved one, take your time. If you are short of time, it is best to go with a scent that you have already tried and tested. You can ask her indirectly about her favorite scent and consult her friends and family if possible. Buying her signature perfume or one from the same manufacturer is the safest bet you have.

If you can decipher her scent, then you can ask a sales representative to help you make the choice. This choice will depend on her style, personality and her age.

Another way to get what you need without spoiling the surprise is by researching online. Visit a reputable website that will give you reviews on the best scents, suitability according to age groups, seasons and occasions. One place you can start your bet is Your Scent Your Signature.

Narrow Down to Her Personal Taste

Is the lady you are planning to surprise classy, sporty or goofy? Is she the flirty kind or the serious kind? You can find a perfume for each of these characteristics. The taste varies from one person to the next. This is the main reason why the perfume you bought for a friend a few years back might not elicit the same kind of response for your current lady.

Her Body Chemistry

Various perfume ingredients react differently with a person’s body depending on the body makeup. Perfumes are made of water, alcohol and fragrance oil. The intensity of any perfume is dictated by the concentrations of the ingredients in the solvent. The most common solvent used across perfumes is ethanol.

Each perfume is made up of various layers depending on how long the scent stays on the skin: base notes, middle notes and top notes. The scent provided by the base notes takes long to disappear whilst the scent from the top notes goes away first.

One of the best ways to spoil a gift is to give your lady a scent that she is allergic to. This is the reason why you need to research more regarding her preferences.

Perfumes Meant for an Occasion

To make things easy for you as the man, manufacturers have come up with romantic perfumes ideal for use as a gift. You can match these with flowers and a card with a message showing your intention.

Make It Presentable

Buying the perfume and presenting it in a plain package will most definitely destroy the surprise. Wrapping the gift in an attractive package tells your lady that you took the pain of making the package suitable for her. Wrapping up the gift also adds a little mystery to the delivery, which also adds to the surprise.

You can go the extra mile and have a gift basket complete with some wine, and small stuffed toys.

Make It a Habit

Don’t surprise your lady just this once; make it a habit to buy her gifts regularly. It won’t hurt for you to buy her a perfume for each season, which will make it even more interesting.

Conclusion: The Perfect Scent Nails It

If you love your lady, each day is Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to wait till February the 14th to shower her with gifts. Give her a surprise gift once in a while to keep the fire burning. One of the best gifts you can give your lady is a well-thought out perfume that appeals to her tastes and style. Take time to check the available scents and make the best choice.