When Do You Need Aircon Chemical Wash?

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When Do You Need Aircon Chemical Wash?

When Do You Need Aircon Chemical Wash?

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Temperatures in Singapore can soar to unbearable levels. When you install a unit in your home, you have no choice but to take great care of it the right way. One of the ways to ensure you prolong the life of the unit is to use chemical wash. The main question we seek to answer is when you should use the chemical wash for your aircon?

When Allergens Build Up In your Unit

Allergens can easily build up in the air conditioning system due to the air that passes through on a regular basis. These allergens will lead to allergic reactions in your family members. Some of the allergens that might pass through include dust, dirt, mites, pet dander and much more. This necessitates
Airecontrol’s aircon chemical wash solutions to get rid of these allergens and ensure that you get clean, fresh air into your rooms. This also helps you avoid the allergic reactions that might become unmanageable.

Accumulation of Ice in the Unit

As humid air passes through the unit, ice particles might form. Well, such buildup might not pose any danger to your family, but you ought to deal with this problem the moment you notice it. Signs of ice accumulation include a draft coming in when you expect warm air. Accumulation is dangerous because it might end up destroying the unit, which will translate into extra costs for you.

The repair technician uses a special kind of chemical to wash up the inside of your unit. The process only takes a short time, and the ice will be dealt with totally. These special chemicals also restore the unit back to its normal functioning. Therefore, call in an expert cleaner once you notice the signs of ice build up around the coils.

Bad Smell That Just Won’t Go Away

If you notice a constant bad smell that doesn’t go away, you need to have the AC unit cleaned. Water accumulation, bacteria or old could be the cause of the bad odors. However, you can do away with these odors by cleaning the AC units frequently.

You can also prevent the development of the odors in the first place by regular cleaning.  It is prudent to perform this procedure time and again to eliminate microorganisms that are building up, and that will cause bad odor soon. The procedure will only take a short time, and your unit will smell fresh again.

An Electricity Bill That is Ever Increasing

Some AC owners might realize that their bills are rising each month yet never suspect the AC. One of the causes of the sudden spike in electricity bills can be an Ac that isn’t in proper working order. Some of the issues that might cause this spike include the buildup of dirt around your vents, which makes it work harder to cool a room. A blockage can also cause the unit to consume more power than normal. Consider chemical cleaning to remove any blockage and clean the dirt that has accumulated around your vents and intake areas to boost its performance.

When You Have Taken Long Without Cleaning Your AC

At times you just assume the AC is functioning properly and ignore any signs that tell you that it is failing. If you have neglected the AC for long, this is the perfect time to go for chemical cleaning services.

In Closing

From this discussion, you can see that it is appropriate to carry out chemical cleaning of the AC during the various situations. It is your role to make sure that you notice the signs that signal the need for this measure and call in the expert to do it for you.