Why You Need a Mattress Topper

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Why You Need a Mattress Topper

Why You Need a Mattress Topper

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Choosing the right mattress is a decision that can take anywhere from 10 minutes, for the impulsive types among us, to 10 months. But once you’ve got the right one, you know it’s real. Suddenly you’re waking up well-rested. When you lie down you’re asleep in seconds. You feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud each night. Don’t freak out, but I’ve got to tell you that one day this will end. As you blissfully sink into a serene slumber each night, your mattress is slowly wearing down. From mattresses eventually wear down into soft ones. Soft mattresses gradually get compacted down into a firm and unforgiving surface. Is there any way to stop this inevitable march of time and prevent the decay of the perfect mattress it took weeks to find?

Before you start researching how to build a time machine and filling your garage with sketchy machine parts you bought off a website whose creator claims to have travelled back to the year 1990, there’s an easier way to protect your mattress, and it can even make it even more comfortable. I’m talking about Mattress Toppers, and why buying one could be the biggest favor you can do for your mattress and your sleepy self.

What are Mattress Toppers

Mattress Toppers are an extra layer of padding and/or support that is added to the top of the mattress. At first glance, a mattress topper may seem an extravagant or pointless extension of the mattress. However, a good topper can add even more comfort to your sleeping experience, while also increasing the lifetime of your mattress. Of course, some mattress toppers really are just pointless additional padding sold as the ‘thing you need to sleep soundly’ even though it’s just an inch of cheap foam. If you’re already sold on the idea of a mattress topper, to avoid wasting your money on a worthless topper check out out the 6 Best Mattress Toppers Reviewed By Amazon Customers.

Benefits of a Mattress Topper

A quality mattress topper can make a comfortable bed that much more comfortable. On the flip side, it can also make an uncomfortable bed bearable without having to splurge on a brand new mattress. Adding an extra layer of comfort helps prevent your mattress from compressing down and becoming permanently less comfortable.

A good topper also prevents your mattress from wearing out as quickly. As you sleep, you’re often sweating without realizing it. Supposedly your body actually produces up to two pints of sweat each night. Not to mention all of the dead skin and bacteria that ultimately ends up in and on your mattress and sheets. The perspiration your mattress absorbs slowly breaks it down and once it’s in your mattress it can be very difficult to wash it out. The dead skin-cells and bacteria that would normally build up in your mattress instead end up on an easy to wash topper.

Fitting Your Mattress

When shopping for a topper, it’s best to find one made of the same material as your mattress. If you stay consistent, it will help retain the comfort and response of the mattress that already works for you. It’s also useful to make sure that the topper you buy fits your mattress well. If your topper hangs over the edge of your mattress, or doesn’t even reach the edge, it can throw off the distribution of your weight and make your topper feel more like a burden than a benefit.

You’ll also want to pay attention to the depth of your topper. Deeper toppers will have more of an effect on the initial comfort level of your mattress. If your current mattress simply doesn’t provide enough support or plush, a thicker topper should help the most. However, if you’re very satisfied with your current mattress you might want to stick to a thinner topper so that you don’t mess too much with the comfort you’re already happy with.


For some, a mattress topper can help to increase the longevity and comfort of their mattress. However, some may prefer to wear their mattress down until they have to buy a new one. Whichever group you belong to, consider the benefits of a quality mattress topper. If you do decide to purchase one, check the reviews and descriptions to make sure you purchase one of good quality. Make the most of your sleep, you deserve it.